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All is lost,
Pitch black no moon light

I lost my pride
I lost my love
But I will not lose my Voice.........

I know this feeling all to well

I know this feeling all to well

I am strong

I am strong
I am weak
I am brave
BC I love you

Got music

Got music

How do you bring yourself out of a bad mood.....
I just can't get past what all I did and got kicked in the heart .
Will this hateful bad mood ever go away

If you can't send me stuff in English it will not be posted it will not be look up. So don't waste your time or time will waste you.

Your to late just BC u want someone to hold and kiss you tight dobt mean you get it. I tried to give u what u wanted I told u it was coming to this u have fucked me up so bad I can't feel anything. I feel hate BC I was dumb on my part to follow my heart and dreams
Now I move on with dead dreams in my heart.