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I am so happy
I got an

No more darkness for this Angel I've see the light
Darkness don't live here no more.

Dark Angel's

I love you

I love you
My Angel

Don't cheat
Break up
Then get your forbidden lover
Do it the right way.


I don't think dreams come true anymore

Only my true love can make the rest of the dream come true.

Its just me
Where is the you?

Don't u walk out on me again
Don't you love me
Show me you love me and come and get me

You will have to live with the pain knowing you had a 2nd chance with me, and you killed your/own/my dreams......
For the rest of your life, u can't even live with the pain that u have.
You can make or dreams come true
And we both have a happy loving life together forever as one...
I love u
You have my permission
To love me, to come for me, to have me forever
Bc that's all I want in life is to be with you an have a family.
Come an get me bc Iam asking you to.

All this work and talking
I think was all for nothing
I should have known better.
It's makes me very sad
Knowing I lost her forever
She won't come
I know that
I can't make someone love me or come for me
I tried my hardest to show her I love her and want to be with her. Maybe she don't believe it, but I been trying for 3 yrs or more and I've been waiting for 14/15 yrs for her to see I was the one made for her. And I tried so hard to show her she's all I ever wanted an the only one I have ever loved. And I want to be with her.
She going to let me go I can feel it. An I don't want her to it will kill me she is my hope on life . I gone living life on hope I want the real thing I don't want to dream about it I want it in real life. I hope u see that bc this hurts just writing this and knowing I will never see u again as now Iam crying with u not hear to kiss away the pain , I don't want to live without u anymore come an steal me please Iam down on my knees I love u

You only want 3 things from me
Hug me
Kiss me
Love me

You have my permission
Now you have to come and get me, you should of never text me what u did. Hope u find a ride last min to go get your true love, sorry if you don't have a ride just remember u stop me from coming all the way to you, not me , you did it!
I stay out of trouble. Hope u can hadle what u just did today, bc I don't see u coming for me, bc I don't think u love me , if u did u wouldn't off text what u did. Will it be a happy ever after love story or will it be our hearts crying for each other every night bc we are part till we die.
I would like to have the love story that end with love forever...

the only thing that makes me smile is you.