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Steady growth and/or development. Obtain trust in interpersonal relationships and
connect with deep bonds. Talent and ability shine in future months and there is a lot of
admiration to receive.

The Wood / Common Cards

Symbol of truth and power. When you can make progress with something just as
desired. If what you say is true, the highest reward will be obtained. If what I have sown is
truth, the highest harvest will be obtained.

The Sword / Common Cards

Even if a crisis is approaching, you have many people firmly defending you. You can
obtain greater power in exchange for love and harmony in particular.

The Shield / Common Cards

In fact, the problem haunting you like a shadow is going to give you a message. Since it
faces away from the front of the problem, the direction which should be followed probably will
come into view.

The Shadow / Common Cards

Time and a person’s feelings change constantly, yet they are always in existence so
there is no single point of view. Reconciliation with the friend or the lover is sure to go well too,
if it is taken one step at a time.

The Sand / Common Cards

Through the behavior of others, your merit and weak point can be found. It is often that
the flaw of another person, especially when upset, will cause you to reflect upon yourself.

The Mirror / Common Cards

If there are sympathizing, gentle feelings, a lot of people and things begin to connect.
Linked by a deep friendship, greater aid will likely be acquirable.

The Loop / Common Cards

The door of truth can be opened and shut. I notice my own heart and can know the
secret of another. However, it would be better to leave if alone for now.

The Lock / Common Cards

Using calm, fair judgment, it is possible to start choosing humble decisions. In addition,
the matter that caused a loss in balance will return to the best state.

The Libra / Common Cards

There's a chance that your current efforts will finally bloom and let you reach your goal.
If you have self-confidence and positive feelings, all will open out towards the right direction.

The Flower / Common Cards

Worries and problems can be beautifully cleaned. A solution will gradually rise if you can
work with an obedient feeling without showing off.

The Bubbles / Common Cards

Energy that can charge towards the goal. Achieving your goals and desires in the
shortest amount of time is done by moving and acting more positively than usual.

The Arrow / Common Cards