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Sam:Youre not above the law!
Gene: I AM the law.

Gene Hunt: I want this place cleaner than a virgin's pudendum!
Chris Skelton: What's a pudendum, Guv?
Gene Hunt: You are, Chris! You are!

Serves you right for staying up ruttin all night with that new fella of yours. Do you let his guide dog watch?

You do that, Sherlock, and if that doesn't work, try the butler. Maybe he did it. I'll bang up a hooligan by lunch.

Blimey, if that skirt was hitched any higher I could see what you had for breakfast

Birthdays are like fat birds - nobody likes to admit how many they've had.

What is this, slap Gene day!?

If you´re ridding the cotton pony, you can bloody well go home!!!

You gonna shoot him, Bolls?. No? Right, let's go run him over!

Danny Stafford: How would you feel if someone much younger than you, better looking came in and took over your patch? Tried to get all the glory?
Gene Hunt: They'd melt in my shadow, son.

DI Alex Drake: [shortly after waking up in 1981] I can feel the wind.
DCI Gene Hunt: Streuth. She's gonna break into song.

Gene Hunt: Are you a killer, Harris?
Harris: No, Mr Hunt!
Gene Hunt: Are you a dishonest little scrotum who's been buying shit lager with somebody else's chequebook?
Harris: Yes, Mr Hunt!