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I've got a fire in my belly, I'm gonna take it and get it on telly.

Are the nights just getting longer, or am I still lonely?

Where do I run to now that I've lost you?

I know you're so much stronger than I ever gave you credit for.

The camera will one day shoot you down.

And I'll smoke your cigarettes so that I'm dying, too.

I should have asked you to be mine, yes I think of it all the time. And it's hard, picking up loose ends.

I try to think of something to say, before the feeling goes away and you're out of my life and jump into his.

Your rotten but I'm betrayed by you my sweetheart

I'd like to take her out, I heard she likes biscuits ...

You can have it all and wrap it in the world.

You've been hiding, but I'm coming back then, to get you.