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The more I think the more I wish I d pushed stop then hit rewind

The more I think the more I wish I'd pushed stop then hit rewind,
What I would give to have a day back then when no one really cares,
I remember when we all used to kick back,and take days off school,
So many times I've smiled many times I cried but never did we try...

This time you won t be heard

This time you won't be heard
You are gonna burn
It's funny how the table, how the table turns

You fake god damnation
You pray for salvation
'cause your heart is made of stone
You can die and rot alone

Fuck this battlefield

Fuck this battlefield
The bullets tear around me
Bodies falling, voices calling for me
Limbs are flying, men are crying
Such a hurtful sight
The call is made It's one for all
Take no prisoners!

Try to fight you only make things worse

Try to fight you only make things worse
Screams of agony your final verse
Now you're begging for your life breathless
All the times I bled my vengeance takes you

BFMV-Dissapeaar-Scream Aim Fire

If I tear you open wide

If I tear you open wide,
take a look inside
Are you pretty?
Can I get inside your mind,
see what I can find?
Are you pretty?
So just take off that disguise,
everyone knows that you're only
Pretty on the outside

BFMV-Pretty on the Outside-Fever

Cold sweats  hallucinations

Cold sweats, hallucinations
I wanna scream to show
The hell I'm going through,
The addiction's taking you.

BFMV-The last Figth-Fever

Flowers laid out for you

Flowers laid out for you
So many colors leave me blind
Seeing your face reflect from my babies eyes
I live my life in misery
I'd sacrifice this world to hold you
No breath left inside of me
Shattered glass keeps falling

BFMV-Say Good Nigth-Scream Aim Fire

The end will never come

The end will never come
There's still a mountain left to climb
But we weill overcome the hurdles placed inside our minds
so close, but still so far
Each day will bring us a brand new stars
What are we fighting for
We cannot live like this no more

BFMV-Breaking Out,Breaking Down-Fever

Should it all come crashing

Should it all come crashing
Down around me
Would you be there
Should I stumble and fall
Pick up the pieces
Forget about the shit that we've been through
I wanna stay here forever and always
Standing here in front of all of you
I wanna stay here forever and always

BFMV-Forever and Always-Scream Aim Fire

Waking The Demon,
Where'd you run to?
Walk in the shadows,
Watch the blood flow,
There's not much longer, so don't try and fight,
Your bodie's weakening, Walk to the light,
Those painful times so alone so ashamed,
I'm not coming back there's nothing to gain

BFMV-Waking the Demon-Scream Aim Fire

You like to scream these words as a weapon

You like to scream these words as a weapon
Well go head take your best shot woman
I wanna leave you its easy to see
But guess what honey its not that easy
We get so complicated
These fingers full of memories

BFMV-Bittersweet Memories-Fever

Too late  too late

Too late, too late
I never said goodbye
Too late, too late
Can't even ask you why
And now I'm wasting away
In my on misery
I hope you've finally gone
To a place where you belong

BFMV-A place where you belong-Fever