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Yeah  the night s not over

Yeah, the night's not over. You're not trying hard enough. Our lives are changing lanes. You ran me off the road. The wait is over. I'm now taking over. You're no longer laughing. I'm not drowning fast enough.

He would never talk  but he was not shy

He would never talk, but he was not shy. She was a street-smart girl,. But she could not lie. They were perfect for each other. Say it now cause in your heart it's loud. Oh no, my feelings are more important than yours. Oh, drop dead, I don't care, I won't worry.

Well I don t feel better when I m fucking around

Well I don't feel better when I'm fucking around. And I don't write better when I'm stuck in the ground. So don't teach me a lesson cause I've already learned.

Can t you see I m trying? I don t even like it

Can't you see I'm trying? I don't even like it. I just lied to get to your apartment. Now I'm staying here just for a while. I can't think cause I'm just way too tired.

I don t wanna change your mind

I don't wanna change your mind. I don't wanna change the world. I just wanna watch you go by. I just wanna watch you go by.
We were young, darling. We don't have no control. We're out of control.

In many ways they miss the good old days

In many ways they miss the good old days. Someday, someday. Yeah, it hurts to say but I want you to stay. Sometimes, sometimes. When we was young, oh man, did we have fun. Always, always. Promisses they break before they\'re made. Sometimes, sometimes.

Why can t you wait? I m gonna give you a break

Why can't you wait? I'm gonna give you a break. I'm not your friend. I never was.

I shoulda worked much harder

I shoulda worked much harder. I shoulda just not bothered. I never show up on weekdays. That's something that I learned yesterday

Don t be a coconut

Don't be a coconut. God is trying to talk to you.

Take me away

Take me away. See I've got to explain. Things, they have changed in such a permanent way. Life seems unreal.
Can we go back to your place? Oh, "You drink too much" makes me drink just the same.