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Sing out

Sing out
Sing loud
Sing proud
Let your voice be heard

No more driving down your road,
Wondering when you’ll be home.
And no more peace when they all leave
And leave us two alone

So please just for one day I wouldn't guess for you
You'd tell me what you felt and what you want to do
And please just for one day I wouldn't hide from you
You wouldn't see me try keep all of you from you

I'd do anything I could do for this one more day with you
Away from all these wires and tubes they've stuck on you
And I would buy you an early beer, we'd watch the game
And we'd talk of all friends and of work and heartbreak

If I had the chance for just one day with you
One day release from here and all that you go through
Well I'd get you dressed and I'd get you out
And I know you'd be fine as soon as we broke out

I wouldn’t see the worst and it only hurts me

I wouldn’t see the worst and it only hurts me
I loved to be alive but I was not afraid to die

you who love to love and believed we can never give enough

And if the sun would go down
Stop reminding us how
If we ever had a chance
I don't by now

I don't want to sit and drink in parks and watch the sun go down
Don't want to put my feet in water and lie back in the grass
I don't want to watch the plains go by or hold anybody's hand

Don't want to be too hot and there's no way to cool down
Don't want to sit outside all night or even leave the house

Were you calm or were you numb or happy just to get it done?
I've lived my life without regret until today

I didnt get to say goodbye the day before the day
was trying to get to work on time, thats why i turned away