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There's too much clinging to peak, there's too much pressure!

When she/he comes back, you'll have to make new love.

You wish: you want to stay here. You wish: this be enough. You wish: I only love her/him. You wish: simplicity.

You wish you'd only look and didn't have to touch, you wish you'd only smell this and didn't have to taste.

"Your place or mine?" means "Heaven or hell?"

It's tricky when you feel someone has done something on your behalf.

You're going hunting, you're the hunter.

It's become a habit a way to start the day.

Since you broke up you're using lipstick again... you'll suck your tongue in remembrance of her/him.

An aeroplane will curve gracefully around the volcano with the eruption that never lets you down.

You just met, and you know you're a bit too intimate, but something huge is coming up, and you're both included.

Don't get angry with yourself!