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I prefer brainy girls

Putrefaction begins with the first cavity but people just don’t want to talk about it

Friends aren’t forever.
They are organic… they rot too

The world is rotten
… but me too

Life sucks. One day you are here, next day you´re in the grave… next again here

I’m not trying to show off, but I have a vintage organism.

When I was alive no one would invite me to parties because they said I was too quiet. Now they don´t do it because they say that I talk too much for a zombie

People tell me to cheer up but I think I am quite cheerful for a corpse.

Why are people so selfish? Why can´t they think more of ME and less of them?

I see myself esentially as an environmental activist. I’m green and biodegradable.

I dated a vegetarian but we had a conflict regarding our diets; she didn’t like me trying to eat her.

I hate presents with negative indirects. The other day, they gave me an exfoliating sponge for death skin. Which in my case it’s only called skin.