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"Looking for romance? Come back another day" -Roger-

"No day but today"

"Let's go out tonight!" -Mimi-

"You know that love is a gift from up above" -Joanne-

"Where all the scars from the "nevers" and "maybes" die!" -Mimi-

"I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs" -Roger-

"How do you leave the past behind when it keeps finding ways to get to your heart? It reaches way down deep and tears you inside out till you're torn apart!" -Rent song-

"I can't believe this family must die..." -Collins-

"How can you connect in an age where strangers, landlords, lovers, your own blood cells betray?" -Rent song-

"Time flies, time dies" -Roger-

"Walking through fire, without a burn" -I should tell you song-

"The heart may freeze or it can burn" -Mimi-