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Dr. Horrible: Moist! My evil moisture buddy. What's going on?

Moist: Life of crime. Got your mail.

"Smother an old lady!" - Moist

"Tell you how, how you make, make me feel, what’s the phrase? Like a fool, kinda sick, special needs... anyways." - Billy

Here’s a Story of a girl
Who grew up lost and lonely
Thinking love was fairy tale
And trouble was made only for me

Even in the darkness every color can be found
And every day of rain brings
water flowing
to things growing in the ground

Grief replaced with pity
For a city barely coping
Dreams are easy to achieve
If hope is all I’m hoping to be

Anytime you’re hurt
There’s one who has it worse around
And every drop of rain will keep you growing
Seeds you’re sowing in the ground

So keep your head up Billy buddy....

"Goodness, look at my wrist. I gotta go!" - Billy

"You're driving a spork into your leg." - Penny

"I meant... Ghandi" - Billy

"Captain Hammer threw a car at my head." - Dr. Horrible

"I'm Dr. Horrible. I have a Ph.D. in horribleness!" - Dr. Horrible

"Just a few weeks away from a real audible connection." - Dr. Horrible

"And sometimes theres a third, even deeper, level. And that one is the same as the top, surface one. Like with pie." - Billy

"Any dolt with half a brain can see that humankind has gone insane." - Billy