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And now I feel like, oh You're the reason Why I'm thinking I don't wanna smoke on These cigarettes no more I guess that's what I get For wishful thinking Should've never let you enter my door

It's like I checked into rehab Baby you're my disease

My mind is gone, I'm spinning round
And deep inside, my tears I'll drown

I'm such a
F*ckin' lady

Baby put the work in
Like a champion
But the crowd is screaming
With their hands way up
Couldn't be with no one else
You're the only way
I'll win

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest

So, just pull the trigger

She cried Te amo
i told her im not gonna run away
but let me go

My soul is crying,
without asking why
I said te amo,

On my roof
Dark and I'm burning a rose
I don't need proof
I'm torn apart & you know

Release me now cause I did my time
Of this cold case love
My heart's no longer cold & confined
I've had enough

Looking for a truth
That was here all along