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Starfleet captains don't easily succumb... to fear.

We've proven ourselves against the Borg once before - twice before. But we're always the ones under attack. I think it's time to do a little assimilating of our own.

Doesn't seem like my first command is shaping up the way I expected.

Coffee, black.

Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised...I beat the Borg with it

At ease before you sprain something.

With all due respect, unless you've got something a little bigger in your torpedo tubes, I'm not turning this ship around.

Either I've become impervious to anti-matter explosions, or we're still dreaming.

We've come 15,000 light-years; we haven't been stopped by temporal anomalies, warp core breaches or hostile aliens, and I'm damned if I'm going to be stopped by a nebula!

I haven't decided whether I like you at all.

This is my ship and my decision.

If you were honorable you wouldn't have changed the terms of our agreement.