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If you drive, don't Drink.

If you bike, don't Drink.

But if you don't Drink,

You DIE.

Surprise, is alright. If the price is right. Go to a restaurant, cause the customer, and I, am always right.

Lights, Camera, Action,

But Stop, Look and Listen.

Cause the Camera, Could be Hidden.

Be original, especially in Catwalk. If not, you are nothing, but a second rate, trying hard, Pussycat.

If you are lost, you are there.

If you are found, you are here.

So be here.

And not there.

Love, your Job. Don't Blow it.

In other words, You can love,

But don't blow, your job.


Is the "Answer" to the rising prices of "Gasolines".

Because, if you go with "Full tank" of Laughter,

You will,



Laughter, is the Best. Cockroach is the Pest. If you find the nest, You will rest. :)

Come with me,

Be my love.

Marry me,

Ill use Glove.

Whatever the Occasion,

Whatever the Reason,

Forever Ate Vi, the Star for all Season.

They say, I'm a Macho Man. I say,I'm a Dancer. Put them together, I'm a Macho Dancer.