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I love quizzes,I take them everyday.
But,when it comes to love quizzes I don't know what to say.
because your face pops into my head and my heart feels so light,
but then I remember how you left me and what you said.
Then like a meteorite I'm back to reality again.

I need you Vanessa,
you keep me alive.
Another day without you and I won't survive.

Stay away from me,
don't come near.
Stay away from me,
The feelings are still here.
I want to cut you out so stay away.
This love's a game I don't want to play.
The rules are twisted,
my heart is bruised.
I can't take anymore of this abuse. long.and do take care.
because the demons in hell await you there.

I wish I was your princess,
I wish I was your dream.
Because you were mine since the day we met,
although it was only me.

She can break my heart a million times, and i will still love her.

I would say that I love you,but I don't.
This feeling I have is not like, is not love.....
I don't know what it is.
All I know is that I just want to be with you right now.

You're stupid,annoying and don't know when to quit.
I was crazy to fall for someone like you.

You obviously like her,
though you try to deny it.
The way you look at her
I get mesmerized by it.
Although I know we are never going to be
I'm not able to stop my heart so easily.

I love you.
I hate you.
I love you again.
These are the thoughts that go through my head.

I love the way you laugh,
I love the way you smile,
I love the way you say life's worth while.
I love you even when you're sad and blue.
I love your everything. How about you?

I love you lot's like none can tell
to hide it is not wise,
So here I stand asking you to be my valentine.

I chained my heart with new links each day,
But then you came along and broke them all away