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"Daddy I'm so sorry, I'm so s-s-sorry yeah
We just like to party, like to p-p-party yeah"

" Shadow is burnt
Yellow dance in return
My lashes are dry,
Purple teardrops i cry "

" She's got both hands
in her pockets.
And she wont look at you. "

" You know that I love you boy.
Hot like Mexico, rejoice.
At this point I gotta choose,
nothing to loose. "

" Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch.
Just smoke my cigarette and hush. "

" I left my head and my heart on the dance floor. "

" Stop callin', stop callin',
I don't wanna think anymore! "

" Just a second,
It's my favorite song they're gonna play
And I cannot text you with
A drink in my hand. "

" I love that lavender blonde
The way she moves
The way she walks. "

"Show me your teeth!!! "

" Just know when
That glass is empty
That the world is gonna bend. "

" Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga Ooh-la-la!
Want your bad romance! "