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and I know
to change the conversation
I know
A deeper contemplation
is all I need to make believe
everyone would love me if I could fool the world

And in the end
Are you stronger
Do you no longer
Need to recover
And where have you been
Since it's been over
Over my shoulder
Under my skin
Will you ever return again...

Lost a lover
Gained a friend
I can't afford all the love that I spend
You said you'd wait for me
But there's not commitment I see

My whole world is black and blue
your everything i knew
If i could get over you

I could move on
I could move on

Our love erases the scars and the lies
Our love will save us from terrible times
Our love is ready to change the world if we let it

Got what I got
The hard way
And I'll make better
Each and every day
So honey
Now don't you fret
'Cause you ain't seen
Nothin' yet

Listen to the radio playin back in stero
Sounds like my favorite song
I'm humming along my head is ringing
And I just can't sstop singing now cause it makes me happy

Up Periscope
that's what I say
that's just my way
of saying that I love you

And I'm on the highway to nowhere
Tryin' to get by without you
I don't know why it took me so long to
Wind up back at nowhere with you, oh
Wind up back at nowhere with you

The Hollywood ending it never came easy
the bride to be can plainly see and now she says she's ready to kill me
And I'm so afraid
I can't believe I've fallen for you
I can't believe I've fallen for you
I can't believe I've fallen for you
I can't believe I've fallen for you

Sad and lonely is your only truth
Hold on to your youth
Until it fades away

She doesn't believe
In believing
Miracles have died in her mind
She knows the world
Is deceiving
Everything is wastin' her time