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I saw you once and never saw you againg,DO YOU KNOW HOW FUSTRATING THAT IS?

ketso k6

let freedom rain,GOD BLESS AFRICA.

nelson rolihlahla mandela

be careful of friends who are too scared to leed you in the right direction,an enermy can never lead you wrong.

ketso km

i strive for the best,i work hard to feed my pride at the expense of anyone.i mean thats just me

i used to love you not as an opinion but as a fact.


tears are very special water that lies in our eyes,thy signal a new beging and buring the past.*quote*

ketso km

let your mouth encourage your mind,for lasting strength lies in da mind. *saying*

ketso km

"Keeping your feeling on someone to your self is a way of saying what i want will come to me not the other way around" *quote*

ketso km

"Yes i also made mistakes,that does not mean i should stop trying to fix them" *saying*

ketso km

"Let freedom rain,god bless south africa" *nelson mandela*

ketso km

Lasting success comes with the help of a rival.*quote*

ketso km

When she looks at me from a distance and if im awere she's staring at me,il just act stupid and that way i get to know what kind of a person she is. *saying*

ketso km