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No matter what happen yesterday, today is a new start. Rise above the dreary outlook of the ego, and let the light of your spirit shine through. Release all mental, emotional that filters the ego.
~ The Guardian Angel in my back pocket ~

Ego has the tendency to deny you good things in life.
You should have the best in life, and you should give it to yourself.
Surround yourself with people who inspire you to grow, who bring light to you, an laughter.get the best of nature go outside to enjoy the earth the best of foods fresh an lovingly prepared. Respect your body and soul , by clothing it that reflects the light in your eyes, wear the best shoes , underwear, socks you can afford.get a good education, read lots of books.
~ The Guardian Angel in my back pocket ~

The Ego is feeling threatened, your ready to come our boxing.
You are having a hard time connecting to your spirit because you're filled with fear. Reconnect with your spirit, blow off some steam. -yell into the wind, that a shower, punch a puncing bag , work out.
Make no decisions , stay off the phone, no emails, no texts, wait until you have clarity before you act.
~ The Guardian Angel in my back pocket ~

everyone has gifts of spirits that we're here to share. Ego often discounts them as not good enough, not important enough to make a difference. Don't fall for that trap or hide them. Know endowments of the spirits that grounded in love and kindness, that comes from your heart.
~ The Guardian Angel in my back pocket ~

Ego love struggle through problems on its own, refusing to seek the support and expertise of others. The spirit freely seeks the support an others when help is called for without hesitation or judgment . This not only make life easier it allows others to share their light with you.
~ The Guardian Angel in my back pocket ~

Dreary, dark, messy, cluttered, un-clean surroundings send the spirit out the door, and invite goblins an trolls of negativity to move in an camp out in the corners. Time to make it right , open the blinds clear the decks paint the walls and decorate the atmosphere where you live.your spirit must dwell in a cheerful an festive place filled with color and living plants, flowers, clean windows and bright light.
~ The Guardian Angel in my back pocket ~

Ego torment you with fear of danger and keeps your attention on patrolling the borders of life, expecting an ambush at any moment.
Breathe in deeply an recognize how much fear you carry. As you exhale , send the anxiety out of your body and replace it with a second inhalation of protective, loving light. You are safe, as danger has passed.
~ The Guardain Angel in my back pocket ~

The world s a hard place  Danny

“The world's a hard place, Danny. It don't care. It don't hate you and me, but it don't love us, either. Terrible things happen in the world, and they're things no one can explain. Good people die in bad, painful ways and leave the folks that love them all alone. Sometimes it seems like it's only the bad people who stay healthy and prosper. The world don't love you, but your momma does and so do I.”

― Stephen King, The Shining