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Classic: ring doorbell and run!

If you're having a party put scary things inside the cooler. Someone will be surprised when looking for a beverage.

Dress up as a ghost and "haunt" your neigbourhood!

Dress up your pillows with some of your clothes. Lay them at your doorstep, perfectly visible, as if they were corpses. Add fake blood for more realisim!

Dress up, ring a doorbell. When someone answers don't say anything for as long as you can. Just stare at them and make them uncomfortable.

Decorate your front door with a hand painted pentagram. Add some red painted hands for a more dramatic effect.

At a party: write a scary message in a mirror with a finger. Breathe on the mirror and let it dry naturally to deliver your spooky message.

Dig a grave on your lawn. Lay flat inside the open grave. Rise from the dead to scare trick or treaters that pass near you.

Phone a friend. Breath deeply into the phone and say in a deep voice: "I'm coming for you precious".

Carve a pumpking and make it hollow. Put it on your head, sit down on a chair outside and be as still as possible. Scare people that are passing by.

Fill a rubber glove with flour and water and tie it by the end. Cut a hole in your T-shirt's stomach and stick the glove though it. Add some ketchup or red coloring for a more spookier look.

Pay a make up artist or a special effects student to help you get your look right. Your costume will look more real and you'll have a better chance of scarying your friends.