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Witches bottle of good luck a flower in a bottle

Witches bottle of good luck a flower in a bottle

Decision Spell

Decision Spell
Say three times : Iam strong , I'm resilient, Iam capable, I will honor my true self with the best possible decision.

Keep a AMBER stone in your pocket while you're contemplating your path, sleep with it beneath your pillow, and you'll dream of the best possible answer.
~Blessed Be~

Knot Your Troubles

Knot Your Troubles
can use this one no matter what your problem is. If you choose a color for the yarn to suit your purpose, you can fine-tune the spell to your particular situation.
All you need for this spell is a piece of yarn in the appropriate color, at least 12 inches long.

Now hold the yarn, with one end in each hand and pull it taut. Think about your problem (just one per spell, please). Concentrate on your difficult situation and start tying knots in the yarn. Visualize all your troubles getting bound up in the knots and trapped there. Keep tying until you feel it's enough.

Take the knotted yarn outside and bury it to keep your problems away.

Home Blessing Candle Spell

Home Blessing Candle Spell

Let the bright warmth of your candles bring some added luck and happiness to your entire household.
•3 blue or purple candles
•3 sticks of incense in:
•3 copper pennies
•A bell

The candles need to be large enough that a penny will fit in the candle holder under them. Set the candles up in a even triangle, and put one penny in each candle holder, under the candle.

Light one candle and say "Bring me hope", then light the sandalwood incense. Ring the bell.

Light the next candle and say "Bring me peace", then light the frankincense incense. Ring the bell.

Light the last candle and say "Bring me good fortune", and light the rosemary incense. Ring the bell one last time.

Set the incense burners within the candle triangle and let everything burn for at least an hour. An afternoon is better to really get the energy of the incense flowing in the house, but it isn't necessary. Snuff out the candles when you are done.

Find a Lost Toy Spell

Can't find that one Lego piece you really need, or is a favorite doll missing a hat? This is a great finding spell for kids. You will need:
•A drawing of the missing item
•Cloth bag or box big enough to hold the drawing
•A piece of jade, fluorite, moonstone or just clear quartz

Have your child draw a picture of the missing toy, in detail and color as best they can. Fold it over once and put it in the box. Put the stone in the box too. Have your child say the following words:

My toy is lost,
I need to find
I offer this,
Please be kind.

Explain that you're offering the universe your drawing of the toy in exchange for the actual thing. Put the box somewhere safe, and hopefully the missing item will turn up quickly after that.

These spells for kids aren't necessarily intended for children to start performing on their own, but if you are raising Wiccan or Pagan children, these are the types of spells that would be appropriate to introduce them into the art.

Just remember to explain the concept of magick to kids so that they don't get their hopes up unrealistically when you start casting spells.

Sweet Dreams Spell

Help keep away the bad dreams with a little knot spell for kids. You can use yarn or ribbon for this, it doesn't really matter.
•2 pieces of lavender and blue ribbons
•Small piece of paper

Before bedtime, draw an angry or scared face on the paper, and roll it up. Tie the pieces of ribbon around the paper and tie firmly with a good knot. Set this little charm next to the bed, and repeat:

Bad dreams tied up,
Sad dreams tied up,
Mad dreams tied up,
I want sweet dreams tonight.

You can repeat the words over the tied
charm each night to keep the spell going.

Your First Spell

Choosing your first spell when you've decided to try practicing witchcraft can be tough. A lot of people tend to get into spell casting because of some specific need in the first place, which already sets them up for that first spell. But jumping into something that is urgent in your life may not be the best way to cast your first spell.

Obviously, everyone is different but I always suggest something small and non-life-changing for their first attempt as spell casting. And considering this is a page in the kids & teen section, I'm presuming this is about the first spell for someone young.

So my suggestion for someone's first spell is a lunar blessing spell to cleanse and consecrate their tools. It can be a good place to practice the concentration and focus of ritual without putting too big a burden on you for "success".

Simple Lunar Blessing Spell

This spell should be done on the night of the full moon. If you don't really have any spell-working tools to bless, you can always use this spell to add a blessing to a piece of jewelry or even clothing. You'll need:
•The item to bless
•A piece of moonstone
•Rainwater (or pure distilled water)
•A white feather

On the night of the full moon, set a dish of water on the windowsill or outside so that the light of the moon falls on it. Let it sit for about an hour, soaking up the energy of the moon. Then take the bowl to your altar where you other materials are waiting.

Drop the moonstone in the water and repeat:

I bless this water by the light of the moon,
Make it pure, make it clean, make it blessed.

Then dip the tip of the feather into the water, and tap it to knock off any excess. Shake it lightly over the item to be blessed to that a light sprinkle of water falls on it. Say:

I bless this [item] by the light of the moon,
Make it pure, make it clean, make it blessed.

Leave your item on the altar for the rest of the night with the feather and the bowl of water. In the morning, pour the water out into the ground and bury the feather. Your item is now blessed and purified.

One note: because of the water in this spell, I don't recommend you use it to bless anything that might be damaged by moisture (like a book or Tarot cards).

The Light of Joy

This is a household-type of spell that you use to reduce any tension that is becoming a problem and bringing in some happiness for the whole family (it works with roommates too).
•4 candles, in all different colors
•1 pink candle
•A handful of fresh basil
•Large piece of clear quartz
•Sandalwood incense

You can do this spell on your altar but setting it up in a central place of the house is a better idea. Arrange the 5 candles in a circle. Set the crystal in the center, and then pile the basil leaves on top of it. Then light the candles.

Light the incense, and carry it through all the main rooms of the house. Take your time and let the smoke spread out. Once you've done that, return the incense to the place with the candles, and let everything continue to burn until out on their own. You should find that the tension and conflict should lift very soon.

Garden Spell

Herbal Blessings

This is a garden spell to use over any herbal plants you plan on using for magick after they've been harvested. Wait to do this blessing until they are grown past the seedling stage though.
•1 piece of green string or yarn
•1 small seashell

On a Monday, plan to bless your plants. You can do this spell for as many plants as you wish.

In the ground near the roots, bury the seashell. Then repeat the following:

I bless this leaf,
I bless this flower,
I bless this root,
For my own power

Then loosely tie a short bit of green string to a sprig of the plant. Wait at least a week before you harvest the plant. Longer is better.