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The Silence of Peace

The Silence of Peace

The silence and peace are felt. Let us turn our thoughts to our inner and seek listen to the silence. Now's talk with the silence and try to understand it. Silence tells us very beautiful things, feelings that hardly have the ability to express. Continue to listen to you and in the distance, feel the wind noise, a small leaf to fall from the tree, involvement there among all the beings of nature. It is kept within yourself. Keep listening to the silence. God is so close, we can even hear his presence. The silence now is stronger within you. And God is also even closer. Now, through this silence, to bind to the this tune that thrills all your senses, and that will take you to places never before seen: PEACE OF ADDRESS. It is beneficial to the spirit that communion with silence. Seek silence whenever they felt unbalanced. The abode of peace awaits them. Stay with God and learn to listen to your silence.


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