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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frenys?

Frenys helps you create and manage collaborative collections of posts (microblogs) and enjoy what others are creating.

What can I create using Frenys?

You can start collections of posts you like (text, images or videos) and we'll make sure they can be used in many different devices. You need to be at a computer to start a collection.

How can other people collaborate to my collection?

They can send suggestions that you can moderate (approve, not approve or edit). We believe that having other people’s input can provide you with fresh ideas and reduce your workload.

How do suggestions from users work?

You may send post suggestions to other collections and a moderator of that collection may approve it, disapprove it or edit it. If you moderate a collection you may receive suggestion, somebody made an effort sending it so please don’t ignore them!

In which devices does Frenys work?

The Frenys website is designed to work in all modern browsers (by modern we refer to any good HTML5 browser). If you have a smartphone and a connection you are pretty much done.

What is the difference between the mobile web and the app?

The mobile webapp is intended only for reading posts, so there is no login, and no interaction. We recommend using the desktop version or the Android app for a richer experience.

Which devices does Frenys support?

Frenys is designed to work in all modern browsers (by modern we refer to a good HTML5 browser). If you have a smartphone and a connection you are pretty much done, although the experience may vary from phone to phone and browser to browser.

Collections Posts & Comments

What is a "collection"?

A collection is a group of posts, which usually —or hopefully :) — have a common topic such as jokes, a location, an author, etc.

What is a "post"?

A post can be a quote you found interesting, an image you love, a riddle, a funny video or anything you'd like to communicate. In Frenys posts are generally short snippets.

Why can’t I see the comments?

Comments are a new featured and has not been rolled out everywhere (native apps for example do not display them)

What kind of Images can I post?

You can post jpg, jpeg, png or gif. Support for animated GIFs is limited (on some devices only the initial frame will be displayed). You can only attach one image per post.

Can I post videos?

At the time only videos from “You Tube” can be posted

Logging in

Why do I need to log in?

We need to identify you so you can add posts, comment and manage your collections with different devices.

How can I sign in?

You can log in by clicking on the top right. You will need to use your Facebook, Google or twitter account.

Why do you need my Facebook, Google or twitter account?

The third party validates you (meaning we don’t see or check your password) and we only get back your email address and public information, which we use to identify you and create your profile (you can edit your name and avatar). We do not publish on your behalf or send any information from those accounts.

Starting & Managing your Collections

How do I start a collection?

From a computer go to, log in and press the big “+” sign with the green background on the right. You’ll be ready to post in about 2 minutes.

How many collections can I start?

Have fun, the more the merrier. We are not setting any limits.

Can I edit my collection later?

Yes, but currently you will have to do it from a computer at the website (

How can I change the icon and the name of my Collection?

Go to from a computer. In your collection’s page you’ll see the “configure” option

Why can’t I find my collection in the search results?

For a collection to be listed it needs to be approved by the moderator. From a computer you can submit it for review by clicking the button that is in the collection's page. We may decide not to list your collection; the reasons can be copyright related, or we may feel the content is inappropriate (see below). You generally may still access your collection using the link we sent you.

How long does it take for a collection to be approved?

Collections are typically within one business day. While under review you can still use it, but other people will only be able to access it using the direct link.

My collection was not approved, what now?

You can do the appropriate changes and submit it again.

Why aren’t my posts shown in “Latest Post”?

The discovery section is curated. We are working to provide more ways to recommend collections and make them more visible.

Can I see statistics on how many people are using my collection?

Not currently, but it is something we would like to develop in the future.

How can I share my Collection?

Just share the link we sent you. Alternatively, if your collection is listed in Frenys, you can share this link for iPhone or this one for Android, along with the name of the app.

What happen to the “Themes” and “Backgrounds”?

We are no longer supporting Themes and Backgrounds.

Content and Terms of Service

What content is inappropriate?

While we grant enough freedom for users to express themselves, we believe there has to be some rules to make it enjoyable. So no hate, defamatory, nudity, explicit sex, racist or sexist content please. Also, be mindful of copyright and respect it.

We have the right to delete Collections if we feel the content is inappropriate… and yes, we will do it.

Where can I find your Terms of Service?

You can find them here.

Where can I write to report a potential copyright infringement?

Please reach us at