Frequently Asked Questions

What can I create using Frenys?

You can start Collections of content you like (text, images or videos) and we'll make sure your Collection can be enjoyed in any smartphone as a webapp or through the Frenys app (currently Android or iPhone only).

What are the costs of using Frenys?

It's free. Yes… that means absolutely zero.

What is a "Post"?

A Post can be a quote you found interesting, an image you love, a riddle, a funny video or anything you'd like to communicate.

What is a "Collection"?

A Collection is a group of posts, which usually —or hopefully :) — have a common topic such as jokes, a location, an author, etc. You can start Collections displaying text, images or videos on different backgrounds. We are currently working on giving you more options!

How many Collections can I start?

Have fun, the more the merrier. We are not setting any limits.

How can I access my Collection once it is done?

You can access your webapp through a link that will be sent to you. The webapp is designed to work on smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. You may also view it using the app for iPhone or Android.

If the collection is popular we may build it as an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app.

Which devices does Frenys support?

Frenys is designed to work in all modern browsers (by modern we refer to a good HTML5 browser). If you have a smartphone and a connection you are pretty much done, although the experience may vary from phone to phone and browser to browser.

Logging in

Why do I need to log in?

We need to identify you so you can add posts and manage your collections.

I’m not registered, how I can log in?

You can log in by clicking on the top right button (yes, the one in the black bar). You will need to use your Facebook, Google or Yahoo! account.

Why do you need my Facebook, Google or Yahoo! account to log in?

We don’t. We ask you to log in using a third party account so that you won’t need to memorize another username and password. The third party validates you (meaning we don’t see or check your password), we only get back your email addresss to identify you.

Managing your Collections

Can I edit my Collection once it is started?

Yes. You have to use the right side menu to manage your Collections. To access it, click the top right icon and log in.

How can I change the icon and the name of my Collection?

In the right side menu, select the collection which you want to make changes to. The dashboard will open, then click the configuration icon.

What are “Themes” and “Backgrounds”?

Themes and Backgrounds allow you to personalize your applications. Themes have different layouts and fonts, and a Background is the image or sets of images used… well… as a background.

Why do I see a different Style on the Frenys app for iOS or Android?

We have recently changed how Backgrounds and Themes work. We will be updating the iPhone and Android apps soon!

How do suggestions from users work? Can I use them in my applications?

From time to time, you may receive suggestions from users of your Collection. You can moderate them (add them, edit them or ignore them) as you please.

Why can’t I find my app in the search results?

We may decide not to list your app. The reasons can be that we expect you to publish more content (while 5 quotes may be entertaining to your friends, the general user will expect somewhat more), copyright related, or we may feel the content is inappropriate (see above). You may still access your app using the link we sent you, if it wasn't deleted. If you believe it should be listed, then write to asking for new moderation.

Can I see statistics on how many people are using my app?

Not currently, but it is something we would like to develop in the future.

How can I share my Collection?

Just share the link we sent you. Alternatively, if your Collection is listed in Frenys, you can share this link for iPhone or this one for Android, along with the name of the app.

Can you turn my Collection into an iPhone or Android app? What if I pay?

We decide which apps to turn native based on merit . For us, merit means interest from other users, that there is enough content (at least 50 posts), proper meta data (description, language, that sort of things) and active contribution. Of course, you must have the legal copyright for the content and it must be appropriate (as described above). If you feel your collection deserves to be native in the markets, email us at We don't accept payments, selection is based exclusively on merit.

Content and Terms of Service

What content is inappropriate?

While we grant enough freedom for users to express themselves, we believe we have a responsibility. So no hate, defamatory, nudity, explicit sex, racist or sexist content please. Also, be mindful of copyright and respect it.

We have the right to delete Collections if their content is inapropriate… and yes, we will do it.

Where can I find your Terms of Service?

You can find them here.

Where can I write to report a potential copyright infringement?

Please reach us at

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